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"Right to work" movements come (usually from union based) work groups, who are attempting to exercise the right-to-work laws. The right-to-work laws allow workers to benefit from collective bargaining, but withhold dues or agency fees to support the bargaining process.

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Q: What was the right to work movement?
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How did leaders of the civil right movement work for equality?

They relied on persuasive speeches.

What rights were the Women's Movement fighting for?

The women's movement has fought for different things at different time periods. They've fought for the right to vote, and for the right to equal pay for equal work.

What was the women's right movement goal?

to allow women to vote and to be able to work in more professions and to have the same rights as men

Was Martin Luther happy with his work?

Well if you mean "work" by the civil rights movement he lead and fighting for whats right then yes he was happy with his work. He was very passionate about having equal rights.

What were some of the basic rights that slaves did not have?

Some basic rights that slaves did not have included the right to vote, the right to marry freely, the right to own property, and the right to education. They also did not have the right to freedom of movement or the right to refuse to work for their owners.

How did the womens rights movement arise in the 60s and 70s?

The Women's Right Movement in Canada happened in the 1950's and 60's and women campaigned and won the right to vote. Women fought to be allowed the same rights and freedoms as men and to be declared persons by the government.

What do you mean by clockwise moment and anticlockwise moment?

Clockwise moment refers to a force that causes an object to rotate in the direction of a clock, while anticlockwise moment refers to a force that causes an object to rotate in the opposite direction, like a counter-clockwise direction. These moments are important in understanding the rotational equilibrium of objects.

Why did people join the abolitionist movement?

They believed that the abolitionist movement was right.

Who made the civil right movement?

The civil rights movement began in the mid 1950s with the court case Brown vs. Topeka board of Education. This was in 1954 and the NAACP mainly did the work in this case and also in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Overall The NAACP started the movement.

The women's movement that helped secure the right to vote was called?

the sufferage movement.

What was the womens right movement?


Is civil right act and civil right movement the same thing?

They are not.