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Cotton and cotton alone.

That's why they needed so many foreign imports, so when the Northern-dominated Congress raised the tariff on imported goods (to protect US manufacturing industry, which was all in the North), the Southern states saw it as a hostile tax on the South.

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Agriculture, primarily cotton and tobacco.

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what was the south's economy based on

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and the south's economy was largely based on

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Q: What was the south's economy based on?
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How did forwardthinking southerners want to change the souths economy?


How did the cash crop indigo help southern colonies?

By using it as a dye in the making of clothes

Why was south afraid of slavery being outlawed?

Because much of the souths economy depended on it.

How did the civil war hurt the souths economy?

it caused inflation, prices rose 9,000 percent %

What is so interesting about South Korea?

It is separated from North Korea, and Souths' economy is better than norths'.

What was the souths economy like during the civil war?

Before the War it was great. During and afterwards it was terrible.

How were the economies of he north and south different before the civil war?

In the period lading up to the US Cvil War, the North had an emerging industrial economy. The South remained a plantation based agricultural economy with much less industrial capability than the North.

Why did the secede after Lincoln was elected president?

because he wanted to abolish slavery and the souths economy depended on slavery for field work while the north had factories to fuel their economy

Was souths ecoonomy based on slavery?

yes, it was. they needed the slaves to harvest their crops, such as cotton

Why did blockade running become more dangerous in 1863?

Union forces tightened their enforcement of the coasts, hoping to strangle the Souths economy

Why was the economy of the southern colonies dependent on large plantations when?

The economy of the southern states(not colonies) was dependent on large plantations due to the production of cotton, the souths cash crop during the 1800's.

What is a Industrial based economy?

an economy based on industry