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it was cold in the 17th centery

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Q: What was the weather like back in the 17th century?
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How did Cromwell make them look like witches in the 17th century?

who look ?

Which theory would a 17th century king most likely like?

A 17th century European king would most likely support the divine right theory.

What will the weather be like in Salem Oregon on August 17th?

No One knows yet you can not predict the weather this far away.

How many years in 17th century?

100 years just like any other century It went from 1600 to 1700 and from there it was the 18th century

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During the 17th century, the Church continued to be very important. They undertook a building and decorating mission that encouraged artists new and more successful methods of engaging the viewer. Known as the Baroque period, artists sought to bring back the classical art of the Roman Empire.

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they wore their hair naturally. they wore it like loose curls or buns.

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Bad living conditions but good culture and organisational skills , extremely warn

We have an old copper pail possibly late 17th century and would like to know the value of the item. What are some tell tale signs of the items age?

I don't have any recommendations to find the age, but the price is around 50-100 USD (17th century)