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all of the above-apex

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What was the NAACP trying to achieve in the Nixon v herndon case?

primary elections.

The NAACP took up in the case of Nixon V. Herndon to try to achieve fairness in?

Primary elections

What did oliver wendell Holmes do for African American rights?

He wrote the majority opinion in Nixon v. Herndon.

What is true about the case of Nixon v herndon?

An African American was kept from voting by state law ::: The Supreme Court ruled against a discriminatory voting law ::: Democratic Party officials took action to get around a ruling against a discriminatory voting law. ALL OF THE ABOVE - Apex

Who won in the us v Nixon case?

idk wut happened but i hope that someone answers me because this is for a project

What was the result of the Supreme Court case US v Nixon?

presidential powers were limited

Who were the parties in the US v. Nixon case?

United States v. Nixon, 418 US 683 (1974)Petitioner: United States, brought by Special Prosecutor Leon JaworskiRespondent: President Richard NixonAttorneysJames D. St. Clair (argued case for the President)Leon Jaworski (argued case for the United States)Philip A. Lacovara (argued case for the United States, consolidated case Nixon v. US)For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What case limited executive privilege?

United States v. Nixon was the case that questioned executive privilege. The case was decided on July 24, 1974. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Nixon.

What did the supreme court case US v Nixon confirmed?

The rule of law over executive privilege.

Which landmark Supreme Court case involved the idea of executive privilege?

United States v. Nixon

What is an example of privilege?

One example of executive privilege is the case of U.S. v. Nixon. This case focused on the criminal case of President Nixon and his invoking of privilege in order to refuse to produce copies of phone calls that took place in the Oval Office.

What was the Supreme Court's ruling in the US v. Nixon case of 1974?

Nixon v. United States is not related to the case involving former President Richard Nixon.The Nixon v. US, (1993) ruling listed in United States Reports (the official volumes containing US Supreme Court opinions) is Nixon v. United States, 506 US 224 (1993). This case is not related to former President Nixon, but to an impeached Mississippi US District Court judge, Walter Nixon, who appealed the Senate's impeachment ruling to the US Supreme Court.In that case, the Court determined that impeachment proceedings are non-justiciable, and are political matters, or the province of Congress. The 1993 Nixon case set a formal precedent preventing impeached officials from appealing their impeachment in court.William Rehnquist wrote the opinion of a unanimous Court. Justices Stevens, White and Souter wrote concurring opinions.