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... It encouraged women to speak out.

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Q: What was unusual about the Grange Movement?
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Who came to get Linton at the Grange?

Joseph came to get Linton at the Grange.

Analyze the reasons for the emergence of the Populist Movement in the late 19th century?

The Populist movement emerged from the remains of the Grange movement. It started as a way to help farmers and the poor who were tired of their horrible treatment. - government ownership of railroads - poor economic status of farmers - government indifference

Was the grange movement a product of populism?

In the 1870s, US farmer's wives and their husbands joined the Patrons of Husbandry, the Grange, which sponsored dances,fairs, and lecturers who talked on just about any subject. It was a social organization for farmers. In the 1880s, new groups like the Grange mushroomed all over the nation. The largest became the Southern Alliance. Both the Grange and the Alliance were supposed to be nonpolitical and were dedicated to taking women from their "enslaved role" into full participation in the agrarian movement with men. The Grange soon began to get political. It attacked the railroads for exploiting farmers, and elected politicians sympathetic to farmers who worked to regulate fares. The Supreme Court struck down the "Granger Laws" which were used to regulate the railroads, and the Grange and Alliance fell apart. Co-ops began to take the place of the Grange, and began to operated on a nonprofit basis, allowing farmers to pool their resources to purchase items more cheaply and to operate Credit Unions (membership of farmers) that acted like banks but more sympathetic to the farmers plight.

What decision did Lockwood make concerning the Grange?

he did not want to rent the grange again

What is a grange?

Ard Field In England a grange it is a farm and farm buildings especially of a gentleman farmer.

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What did the grange begin as?

In 1875 the grange movement began to promote farmers and farming methods.

What unusual move did the grange make in 1903?

.. It voted in support of women's suffrage.

The Grange movement most actively promoted?

rural cooperatives

What was the Grange movement most actively promoted by?

rural cooperatives.

Why is Oliver H kelley famous?

he founded the grange movement in the 1800s

How did the grange movement improve the plight of farmers?

forcing railroads to lower their rates

What are examples of a reform movement?

In the 1860s, the first reform movement, the Grange, started. It was a collection of farmers that were unhappy with the way etc

What caused farmer's problems to lead to the grange movement?

it was mainly the problem of not producing enough

What did Oliver H Kelley found?

He was a founder of the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, the central influence in the Granger movement of the 1870s.

What has the author Kenneth Grange written?

Kenneth Grange has written: 'Kenneth Grange at the Boilerhouse'

What is the birth name of Kenneth Grange?

Kenneth Grange's birth name is Kenneth Henry Grange.

Where is the La Grange Area Historical Scty in La Grange Illinois located?

The address of the La Grange Area Historical Scty is: 444 S La Grange Rd, La Grange, IL 60525