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The weapon that John Smith told Samuel was more powerful than a sword was a bullet.

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Q: What weapon did John Smith tell Samuel was more powerful than a sword?
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The Settlers rise of an empire get soldiers?

You can get soldiers and archers. Soldiers need a sword smith. The sword smith needs iron to make the swords so make sure that you have an iron mine nearby. After placing the sword smiths, then place the soldiers barracks. after a while you will be able to recruit your first battalion of six soldiers. It is the same for Archers, only you have to place the Bow maker and the Bowman Barracks.

What were Grant's generous terms of surrender and how were they important steps toward reconciliation?

The terms of surrender were that the men were free to go home, they could keep their horses to use for farming, and they were permitted to keep their sidearms. A sidearm (sword or pistol) is generally a defensive weapon- and it meant that Gen. Lee would not surrender his sword to Gen. Grant- a symbolic act of surrender. The men surrendering realized they were being given good treatment.

Who were border ruffians?

The Border Ruffians were people who went to another state to vote for it to be a slave state. They were usually carrying rifles or some sort of gun. They caused lots of violence.

What weapons did vandals use?

spears and long sword

What did Sam Houston's sword look like?

Sam Houstons sword was made by Devisme @ Paris , , It is a French Generals CAVALRY, Officers sword, Model of 1802, Circa 1822, with a VERY SPECIAL etching on the blade., In both English and French, The only sword KNOWN with this type of ETCHING. The sword was presented by the Tennessee State militia, and inscribed to Major General Samuel Houston. It was used at the Battle of San Jacinto, TEXAS, in 1836. The painting, Surrender of Santa Anna, by William H. Huddle, (CIRCA 1888) and currently displayed at the Texas State Capitol, shows the sword, directly behind General Houston, leaning against a tree, This is the only sword shown in the painting, and the sword was loaned to Artist Huddle, circa 1885, for two years, by Sam Houston Jr. Orginally it was Willed & given, by Sam Houston, circa 1863, to his Son, Sam Houston jr., and when he died, Willed or given to Andrew Jackson Houston, and DOCUMENTED by the New York Times in 1898. Sold & acquired by the Applewhite-Clark Museum of the American West Circa 1960-70. It is still with this museum as of 2010, and Displayed at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame , in Ft. Worth, Texas. As a side NOTE, the sword is the same model as General Andrew Jacksons War of 1812, Battle sword, currently in the Smithsonian Institution. Both are Model of 1802 French General CAVALRY, Officers swords. Sam Houston was a protege of President Andrew Jackson, and both are from Tennessee. A physical description is as follows: 1.) French Generals CAVALRY officers, curved blade, three branch guard, Blade, is Fire BLUED, with GOLD etchings in both English & French.. 2.) All steel scabbard, Two BRASS carrying MOUNTS and Brass RINGS All steel DRAG. 3.) The BLADE length is 34 &1/2 inch, the steel scabbard is 35 &1/2 inch, and the OVER-ALL length is 41.0 inches. 4.) The GRIP is Leather wrapped with TWISTED copper wire. 5.) The presentation INSCRIPTION, is on the backstrap of the sword. 6.) the sword is complete with its CIRCA, 1822, Red Moroccan, leather sword belt, with an "OVER the SHOULDER STRAP", and American EAGLE belt plate. made of brass, with the very early attaching method, a large sword, in very fine condition.

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The most powerful sword in the Zelda series is the Master sword. This in game weapon is said to have hidden secrets and only the chosen characters are able to wield it.

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What were Roman swoards used for?

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The Sword Smith was created in 1978.

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