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The Caddo Indians used bows and arrows as weapons and to hunt with. The bows were made of wood, animal horns and layers of sinew. The arrows were wooden and the arrowheads were made from hard stone or flint.

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Q: What weapons did the Caddo Indians use?
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No, the Caddo Indians did not use totem poles as did other Native Americans.

What type of transportation did caddo indians use?

by walking

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No because the Caddo are the nicest indians

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Caddo farmer Caddo men hunted for deer, buffalo, and small game and went fishing in the rivers. Traditional Caddo foods included cornbread, soups, and stews. The Caddo Indians in Texas also mined salt from underground mines, which they boiled down to use in their cooking.

Is the caddo Indians still alive today?

does the caddo tribe still exist today

Where do caddo Indians live?

They live in Texas

Were caddo Indians sedentary or nomadic?


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Seriously dude the answer is quite simple.Its a little smaller than a Wichita hut.Mostly made of leaves, mud.Things of that matter.

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