What weapons did the yokuts use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they use a use a wiker

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Q: What weapons did the yokuts use?
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What was the natural resources?

what was the natural resources that the yokuts use

what did the yokuts tribe use for transporttactin?

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What did the yokuts live in?

The yokuts lives in inland central California

What geographical group does Yokuts belong to?

Yokuts belong to the California Penutian language family

What did the Yokuts use for tools?

the youkut tribe usually use spears to hunt fish

Did the Yokuts live in the desert?

No, the Yokuts lived primarily in central California although some lived on the fringes of deserts.

What methods did the Yokuts use to grow crops?

They used irrigation, which is the process of building canals to transport water to their crops.

What is the yokuts shelter made of?

Improved answer. Yokuts used Tule grass to weave their huts. wood and specile kind of grass .

What was the custom of the yokuts Indians?

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What is the location Yokuts?

they live south

Where the yokuts live?

Alameda County

What did the yokuts do in their daily life?

They did what indians do :)