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Eletric elevator is one of them

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Q: What were all the inventions of Alexander Miles?
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What are all of Alexander Graham Bell's inventions?

It was only the phone.

What Alexander Graham Bell inventions did?

I love landon hines and that is all

What were Alexander graham bells inventions called?


What are ALL the inventions Alexander bell invent?

He invent alot of good stuff.

What inventions did Alexander Graham invent?


Inventions made by Alexander Fleming?


How did the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell affect the world?

Because he invented the telephone and other inventions

What are all Alexander Graham Bell inventions?

They were the wheat cleaners and the telephone and the rest you have to read on his biography if there are any more.

What was Alexander gram bells inventions?

The telephone was invented by him.

Where did Alexander Graham Bell make his inventions?

in space

What are some of Alexander bells inventions?

He invented the telephone.

What inventions did Alexander bell make?

he made the tellphone