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most of the women worked in the house ..... doing all of the things women should do...... like clean, educate the kids, and cook.

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Some jobs available in Delaware during the 1638 are namely: trading, fishing, blacksmith, lumberjack, and more. These were the most popular jobs during this colonial era.

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Q: What were some jobs in Delaware 1638?
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What are some significant characteristics of Delaware in the 1600s?

Delaware was founded in 1638 Was part of Pennsylvania

What is Delaware's founding date?

1638 1638

What are some jobs in delware in 1638?

some jobs were to do farming and to help out with peopel

Who found Delaware in 1638?

it was not Lorenzo Heath II it was peter minuit

When did the Swedish find Delaware?

The swedish found Delaware in 1638.

Delaware in 1638?

Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1838.

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Who settled the Delaware river?

The Swedish settled the Delaware river in 1638. The name of the settlement was New Sweden and it lasted from 1638 to 1655.

When was the Delaware first founded?

Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1638

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the laws were krap

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What is the exact date Delaware colony was established?

in 1638.