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his retirement he did not like getting retired as president

whoever wrote that up there is wrong because he was looking foward to his retirement. He wanted to retire back to his house on Mount Vernon. Two reasons he retired were because he didnt want to see the growth of political parties or foreign affairs.

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he had to figure out a way to make new things and got rejected from collage.

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Q: What were some of George Washington Carvers hardships?
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What was George Washington Carvers cause of death?

He died from complications caused by anemia.

What were George Washington Carvers obstacles?

His obstacles were actually getting the invention right, and to get some sleep because he was usually up after two in the morning!

What are some important experiences in George W Carvers early life?

he died

What were some hardships George Washington Carver go through?

He was a botanist and scientist, director of agricultural research 1896 - 1943 at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama

Why was George Washington carvers favorite colors red and blue?

Although he never commented on the origins of his favorite color, some speculations have been made that he had a liking for these colors due to the democratic and republican colors, considering he had in interest in politics. Ask on!

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