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Q: What were the Old World forces that influenced the settlement and expansion of America?
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What forces cause this expansion?

The expansion of the universe is primarily driven by dark energy, a mysterious force that permeates space and causes it to stretch at an accelerating rate. This expansion is also influenced by the distribution of matter and energy throughout the universe, which determines the overall shape and evolution of the cosmos.

What types of forces act on buildings?

Buildings are subject to various forces, including gravity (which pulls the building downwards), wind forces (which push or pull the building horizontally), and seismic forces (resulting from earthquakes). Other forces may include thermal expansion and contraction, as well as foundation settlement. Built structures need to be designed to withstand these forces to ensure their stability and safety.

Was expansion across North America actually inevitable what forces might have stopped it?

No one could have stopped it. The beliefs were that God wanted people to take over the land. It is called Manfest Destiny.

Expeditionary forces land and begin construction of settlement in 1585?

Spanish only

What is the difference between natural forces and manmade forces?

Natural forces are produced by natural occurrences such as weather, gravity, and tectonic activity, which are not influenced by human intervention. On the other hand, manmade forces are created by human activities such as industrial processes, construction, and transportation. While natural forces are largely uncontrollable, manmade forces can be influenced and managed by human actions.

Do Americas armed forces only belong to America?

Yes, America's armed forces belong only to America. We do not share it with another country.

The commander of the British forces in America was?

The answer is General Cornwallis .

How do you think australia is influenced by outside global factors or forces?

Please answer this question

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The concept of a day may not apply at the edge of the universe due to various factors like extreme distances, gravitational forces, and unknown phenomena. Time can also be influenced by the expansion of the universe, making it difficult to measure a conventional day as we do on Earth.

Who is Expeditionary forces landed and began construction of settlement in 1585 English or Spanish?

English only