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Q: What were the crops of the mound builders?
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What did the mound builders do for food?

grew crops, and hunt and gathered.

How was the mound builders agriculture?

corn crops culture flourished

How did the mound builders get their food?

The Mound Builders got their food in three different ways. They grew and harvested crops. They gathered foods such as nuts and berries that were native to the area, and they hunted.

How did Mound Builders survivved?

how did the mound builders survive

Which of these people had slaves the plains Indians or the mound builders?

mound builders

What is known about the Mound Builders in the North East US?

the mound builders

What is the mississippian?

the mississippians are mound builders and they are the last of the mound builders in the usa

What is mound builders jelwlery purpose?

what is mound builders jewery meant for

Why did these builder mound?

my answer is builders mound

Where were women on the caste system of the mound builders?

The mound builders had no caste system.

What state did the mound builders travel to?

The Mound Builders cruised to tokyo, Japan

Where does mound builders live in?

The mound builders lived in the eastern part of the U.S.