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Supply and demand

The economist Adam Smith believed prices and profits depended on supply- the amount of goods and service available- and demand- the desire for those goods. As demand goes up, supply goes down.

Adam Smith opposed mercantilism and monopolies. He believed that the law of supply and demand and the law of competition would regulate a free market.
Adam Smith is often touted as the world's first free-market capitalist. The ideas that underpin the school of thought that became known as classical economics.

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the main ideas of smith was the political economy that an invisible hand guided all what money or business involved

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Q: What were the economic principles of Adam Smith?
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Merits of Adam Smith definition?

merits of defination of economic given by adam smith

Who is the father of economic?

Father of Economics is Adam Smith

What type of economic system did Adam smith provide?

Adam Smith was well into his beliefs that a free economy was the best economic system.

Who was the father of economic?

ADAM SMITH is generally regarded as the father of economics.

Who is father of economic?

adam smith is the father of Economics.

Why is Adam smith called the father of capitalism?

Adam Smith is called the father of capitalism because of his influential work "The Wealth of Nations," published in 1776. In this book, Smith laid out the principles of free market economics and argued for minimal government intervention, individual self-interest driving economic growth, and the importance of competition in fostering economic development. His ideas have been foundational to the development of capitalist economic theory.

Do you think Adam Smith supported industrialization why or why not?

Adam Smith supported industrialization because he believed in a free economy, to guarantee economic progress.

What economic idea did the us adopt from Adam smith?


What economic system did Adam smith follow?

Free market Capitalism

What did Adam smith mean by laissez faire?

Adam believed that the state should not interfere in economic matters

In his economic system Adam Smith believed that the basic economic question should be answered by whom?


Who was the great exponent of economic and social determinism?

Karl Marx