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Ice cream is good.

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Q: What were the hardships for the people living in pueblo?
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Which structure within a mission served as living quarters for spanish immgrants?


How big were pueblo houses?

As they varied in size depending on the needs of the people living there (as our houses also do) there is no fixed number.

What years were the pueblo Indians living?

thet just did

What kind of people lived in pueblos?

pueblo people lived in pueblo homes of course!

Do the pueblo people speak french?

no pueblo people speak spanish and local dialets

Where All pueblo people are known for their beautiful what?

where all pueblo people are known for their beautiful what

Where pueblo people live?

Pueblo people usually live in cliff or cave houses.

What were some hardships people who lived in a castle faced?

People living in a castle struggled with heating because castles tended to be very cold. There was also a restriction on movement of the people.

How do you use the word pueblo in a sentence?

Pueblo is the spanish word for "people".

Who were the ancestors of the Pueblo people?

the ancestors of the pueblo peoples were called puebloans

What kinds of people lived in pueblo homes?

it was important because it protected them from attackers

City in Colorado name means people town?

Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo is Spanish for "people" or "town".