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Anna, Ethel, and Alice (later spelled Alyse)

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anna,ethle,and alice

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Q: What were the names of Marian Andersons sisters?
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Who were Marian andersons siblings?

She had two sisters; Elise, and Ethel May.

What were andersons sisters names?

alice and ethel

Marian Andersons Middle name?

Marian Lucille Anderson

Marian andersons fathers name?

Marian Anderson's father name is John Anderson

Is Marian Anderson's dad alive?

no marian andersons dad is not alive he died when marian was at a very young age

What was Marian Andersons favorite food?


What are Tom Cruise's sisters names?

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Marian andersons disabilitys?

Tayarri rice a voice of a angle

What nickname did Marian Andersons voice earn her?

buety bird

What are some of Marian andersons character traits?

she is nice and friendly.

What is Marian andersons favorite tv show?

She didn't have TV in her time.

What was Marian andersons interests and hobbies?

singing at places