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they used sticks,mud,and grass

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they were made of wood

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they used cheetos

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Q: What were the pilgrims houses made of?
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Was pilgrims homes made out of wood?

of corse they were and the wamponag Indians houses were made from treee bark

What did the pilgrims build?


When were houses built?

Houses were built before I was made,before T.V.s were made,however all I can say is that houses were built before any electronics were made and when the pilgrims and Indians were alive.But those people died.

What type of house did the pilgrims live in?

Pilgrim workers built the houses. The houses on Plymouth Plantation were made out of logs, hay, rocks, wood and mud.

Do pilgrims have houses?

they did so yep

What made the first winter difficult for the pilgrims?

most pilgrims that came wanted an easy life. So they didn't have enough food because they didn't want to plant food or build actual houses

How many houses did the pilgrims build in the first ten months?

not enough.

What were the pilgrims houses one room called?

the had exactly 2 rooms in their homes they lived

How did the native Americans help pilgrims surivive?

native Americans thought the pilgrims how to fish, farm, herd, to build houses,and to hunt. hope this helped you :D

What did the king of England do that made the pilgrims angry?

The king of England made the pilgrims angry when he made all of England pratice his belives.

Who made the treaty between the pilgrims and Americans?

Governor John Carver made the treaty between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

What materials are houses in Spain made of?

houses in Spain are made of what materials