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Japanese and Chinese groups

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Q: What were the two prominent groups that came to America from Asia?
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Where did the amerindians come from?

The Amerindians came from North America

What continent is tapir came from?

Southern and central america, and Asia

By 1990 85 percent of immigrents who came to the US came from?

Asia and Latin America

New plants that came to America from Europe Asia and Africa?


Immigrants from Asia came to America at this entry point?

angel island

What are some of the things Europe Asia and Africa came with to America?

this dick

Who was the first man to walk on America?

One of the people who came to America from Asia about 40,000 years ago.

Where do scientists think native Americans were migrated from is it Asia or here?

It is believed that the Native Americans originally came from Asia, but when Asia and North America were connected, the Natives came over here. As a result, they were called Native American because they were the first ones to settle in America.

Which counties came to the Australian gold rush?

Europe,Asia,Canada and America

During the 1970s a growing number of immigrants came from?

Asia and latin America

Where did the people who originally migrated to America come from?

They came from Asia.

What is 7 continents that came from Pangaea?

they are Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.