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Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd on November 4, 1842. They had 4 sons.

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November 4, 1842

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Q: When did Abraham Lincoln and Mary todd Lincoln get married?
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Who did Abraham Lincoln marry?

Abraham Lincoln married to Mary Todd in November 4, 1842

What year did Lincoln get married and his wifes name?

He married on November 4, 1842, to Mary Todd.

Was Mary Todd Lincoln married to Robert Todd Lincoln?

No- she was Robert's mother, She was married to Abraham .

What state did Abraham Lincoln get married in?

Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd were Married in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Did Abraham Lincoln have wife?

Yes, he did and her name is Mary. Abraham Lincoln was married to Mary Todd Lincoln of Kentucky.

What was Lincolns wifes name?

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Was Abraham Linclon married?

President Abraham Lincoln was married to Mary Ann (née Todd) Lincoln.

Who did Abraham Lincoln get remarried to?

Abraham Lincoln was only married once, to Mary Todd.

What was Abraham Lincoln's wife's first and last name before she married him?

Abraham Lincolns widens name before she married him was Mary Todd. After they were married she was called Mary Todd Lincoln.

Who was Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln was his only wife.

When did Mary todd Lincoln marry?

Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd were married on November 4th, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois.

Who did Abraham Lincoln marry in1842?

Abraham married Mary Todd in 1842