When did CA become a state?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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California joined the union on 9 September 1850, as the 31st state.

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Q: When did CA become a state?
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When the constitution was signed did CA become a state?


What helped the US congress to allow ca to become a state?


How can you become a life settlement broker in the state of California?

You have to become licensed. Contact the CA department of insurance licensing department and ask them.

Which year did CA become a state?

California was admitted into the Union on September 9, 1850 becoming the 31st state to join the Union.

When did California become a teritory?

The Bear Flag Republic began in 1849 with the rush of the gold miners into CA. Sept. 9, 1850 CA became a state.

Why is Gold important to California?

Because two years after gold was discovered in CA it became a state on Sept. 9, 1850. It helped this state to grow and become a powerful state and it is our state mineral.

Is a baton legal to carry in state of CA.?

Is it legal in state of CA.

Is ca a country?

CA - California, is a state. CA - Canada, is a country.

How do you become an auto insurance agent in ca?

How do you become an auto insurance agent in Ca? sell a car

What state has the postal abbreviation CA?

The postal abbreviation CA is for the state of California.

What is the state nickname of ca?

The Golden State

What is CA state bird?

you know what? go on google and type in CA state bird and i am positive you will find an anwer.