When did John Henry Nicholson die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John Henry Nicholson died in 1923.

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Q: When did John Henry Nicholson die?
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When was John Henry Nicholson born?

John Henry Nicholson was born in 1838.

When did Henry Alleyne Nicholson die?

Henry Alleyne Nicholson died on 1899-01-04.

When did John Gambril Nicholson die?

John Gambril Nicholson died in 1931.

When did John Nicholson Inglefield die?

John Nicholson Inglefield died in 1828.

When did John Nicholson Campbell die?

John Nicholson Campbell died in 1864.

When did John A. Nicholson die?

John A. Nicholson died on 1906-11-04.

When did Alexander John Nicholson die?

Alexander John Nicholson died in 1969.

When did John Sanctuary Nicholson die?

John Sanctuary Nicholson died in 1924.

When did Henry Nicholson - Royal Navy officer - die?

Henry Nicholson - Royal Navy officer - died in 1915.

What has the author John Henry Nicholson written?

John Henry. Nicholson has written: 'The re-making of the nations' -- subject(s): Civilization, Reconstruction (1914-1939), Religion

When did John Nicholson - New York - die?

John Nicholson - New York - died in 1820.

When did John Robert Nicholson die?

John Robert Nicholson died on 1983-10-08.