When did Leo Frank die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Leo Frank died on July 18, 1915

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Q: When did Leo Frank die?
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When did Leo Frank Schuster die?

Leo Frank Schuster died in 1927.

What is The Ballad of Leo Frank?

Leo Frank was a Jewish-American businessman who was lynched in 1915. The Ballad of Leo Frank is about that. There is a link below to an article on Leo Frank.

When was Leo Frank born?

Leo Frank was born on April 17, 1884.

What is Leo Frank's birthday?

Leo Frank was born on April 17, 1884.

When was Leo Frank Schuster born?

Leo Frank Schuster was born in 1852.

Was Anne Frank related to Leo Frank?

No, Anne Frank and Leo Frank were not related. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who wrote a diary during the Holocaust, while Leo Frank was a Jewish man who was wrongfully convicted of murder in the United States in 1913.

What has the author Frank T Leo written?

Frank T. Leo has written: 'Shanghai remembrance' -- subject(s): Biography

What is the birth name of Frank McCarroll?

Frank McCarroll's birth name is Frank Leo McCarroll.

What do the 1906 atlanta race riot and the Leo frank case have in common?

The 1906 Race Riot and the Leo Frank case have in common that in the 1906 race riot blacks were accused of attacking white women and that the Leo Frank case was accused of attacking Mary Phagan (who was white) for both of these cases they were falsely accused, because the were of a different race or religion (Leo Frank was Jewish)

What is the birth name of Frank Liedel?

Frank Liedel's birth name is Leo Van Assche.

Who was Leo Frank?

Leo Frank was the manager of his uncle's pencil factory in Atlanta, Georgia. Leo Frank a northern educated Jew murdered and raped one of his child laborers named Mary Phagan during Confederate Memorial Day on August 26th 1913. After a month long trial with several dozen witnesses testifying for the defense a Jury of 12 White men unanimously voted to convict Leo Frank of Murder. It was a controversial trial, because it would be the first time in American history that the main testimony of a Black man resulted in the conviction of a White man (Leo Frank). Frank was sentenced to death for the crime and the Govenor of Georgia, John M. Slaton a senior law partner for the Leo Frank defense team commuted Leo Franks sentence to life in prison. Outraged Georgians organized a group of men, broke into Jail and seized Leo Frank later lynching him from an oak tree. See the link below for more detail.

Why was Leo frank lynched after it was known that he was innocent?

because he was a man