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I got this from my Social Studies textbook so it can't be wrong. The answer is 1783.

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Q: When did most of the central Plains become part of the United states?
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What was the great plains home?

The Great Plains of the United States is a region that is in the central region of the United States.

What country are the great plains in?

Central United States

Is Wisconsin in the central plains or a great plains?

Wisconsin is located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

What flat area covers much of the Central United States?

The Great Plains

Is the great plains located in the northwestnorth central or northeast?

The great plains are in the central part of the United States from Wyoming south to the panhandle of Texas. It includes states like Texas Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, South and North Dakota.

What physical region covers much of the central part of the United States and Canada?


What is the region were tornadoes are commonly found?

Tornado Alley, which stretches across the central plains of the United States.

Where were the plains Indian located?

As their name denotes they were located on the Great Plains of the central United States. The links below have maps that may aid your understanding.

What are the landfroms in Dallas Texas?

This region has mostly flat, grassy land or plains. These plains are part of the same flat grassland that extends from the Great Plains of the Central United States.

The Central Plains and the Great Plains make up the Plains?

The Central Plains and the Great Plains are two major components of the larger region known as the Plains in North America. The Great Plains are a vast and flat region primarily located in the central United States, while the Central Plains are a smaller sub-region within the Great Plains. Together, they form a mostly flat landscape known for its grasslands and agricultural productivity.

What are the main land regions of the us?

The land forms in the united states are the coastal plains, the central areas and the mountins.

What continent are the great plains on?

The Great Plains are located in North America. They cover a large portion of the central United States and extend into Canada.