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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

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When the North Vietnamese torpedoed two American destroyers Congress passed the

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543,000 in 1969

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Q: When the North Vietnamese torpedoed two American destroyers Congress passed the?
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When the North Vietnamese torpedoed two American destroyers Congress passed the .?

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

What did the US Congress pass after the North Vietnamese torpedoed two American destroyers?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (officially, the Southeast Asia Resolution, Public Law 88-408) .

Why did congress pass the gulf of tonkin act of 1964?

Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in response to a controversial North Vietnamese attack on U.S. destroyers in 1964.

What attack led the Americans to enter the war of Vietnam?

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, in which American destroyers engaged North Vietnamese boats. It triggered US Congress to pass Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, that allowed president Johnson to escalate American involvement in the war. However, this event was later discovered to be a fault.

Is the vietcong where vietnamese troops supported by the US congress?

The Vietcong were North Vietnamese rebel fighters. They fought against America so were NOT supported by US Congress.

What were the reasons for the entry of the Vietnam war?

President Lydon Johnson lied to the American People that USA Navy Destroyers had been attacked at the Gulf of Tonkin by North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats. This lie led to the Tonkin Resolution, which led to the Vietnam War, 1965 to 1975. President LBJ said that the US Navy Sailors were probably just shooting at Flying Fish, when they claimed they were attacked by North Vietnamese enemy warships. LBJ lied so he could get permission from the Congress to attack North Vietnam.

What led up to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

President Lydon B. Johnson Lied to the American people and claimed that the North Vietnamese navy patrol boats had attacked USA naval destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin and asked Congress for permission to attack North Vietnam in retaliation. Later, LBJ admitted that what really happened was the sailors on the USA ships saw some whales, or flying fish, and overreacted.

Did congress want to enter World War 2?

Congress and the American people were isolationists until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Dec 1941. Prior to that, the Congress did approve of Roosevelt's desire to send old destroyers to England in exchange for bases in the Caribbean. There was only one dissenting vote in the House when war was declared against Japan.

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