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This case never went to the court. A consent Agreement was formed.

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Q: When was Diana versus the Board of Education 1970 heard by the court?
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What was the case of brown vs. the board of education about?

Brown versus the board of Education was the court case in which the segregation of white and black students in public schools was declared unconstitutional. It was a major landmark in the Civil Rights movement.

Who was the famous African American lawyer who played an important part in the brown versus board of education court case?

Thorgood Marshal, who also became a member of the Supreme Court.

What court case banned the practice of separate but equal in public schools?

You are referring to the famous 1954 Supreme court decision in the case called "Brown versus the Board of Education."

What was Brown versus Board of Education about when it came before the Supreme Court in 1954?

That segregated schools were unconstitutional The "separate but equal" idea did not work well.

Who is the first African American members of Supreme Court?

Thurgood Marshall, who successfully argued Brown versus the Board of Education before the Supreme Court was appointed he first African American Justice of the United States Supreme Court afterwards.

To what did the U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education refer?

what did the U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education refer?

What court case established the principle that separate education is inherently unequal?

Brown V. Board of Education

What was the Supreme court case Brown vs Board of Education about?

The Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board of Education was about racial segregation in public schools. The court cased declared this segregation unconstitutional.

What was the name of the supreme court in the case of brown vs board of education?

The Supreme Court

Which decision by the warren court determined that deprecating children by race in school was unconstitutional?

brown v. board of Which_decision_by_the_Warren_Court_determined_that_separating_children_by_race_in_schools_was_unconstitutional.Ryan

What Supreme Court case resulted in the integration of public schools?

The Warren Court ruled segregated schools were unconstitutional in Brown v Board of Education, (1954), and ordered integration to take place "at all deliberate speed" in Brown v Board of Education II, (1955).

Who sued the board of education-supreme court case-a color?