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John A. Sutter and James W. Marshall. See the Related Link.
Actually, John A Sutter and James W Marshall both DIDNT discover it together. However, It was Sutter's Mill. But Marshall discovered the gold. Found Gold!!!!

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it was discovered in sutters mill on 1848

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Q: When was Gold Discovered in Sutter's mill?
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Why is Sutters Mill important in history?

Sutter's Mill was the first place that gold was discovered in California. The discovery in 1848, was the beginning of what is called the California Gold Rush. It was important as it increased the population of California dramatically and that population was a mixture of not only Americans, but it brought new immigrants from many parts of the world.

What makes sutters mill special?

the gold rush

Where was gold found in 1849 to start the gold rush?

Sutters Mill.

What was the sight of the start of the California gold rush?

Sutters Mill

Did the Sutters mill go looking for gold in California?


In 1849 who was the first to mine gold in California?

sutters mill

In 1848 gold was discovered at Sutters Mill in California sparking a migration that brought 300000 new residents to the area looking for riches What was the nickname given to these gold lovers?


What are some details about the gold that was discovered?

it was found on the property of john sutter James marshall discovered some on sutters mill on January 24 1848It bends but doesn't break.

A discovery at sutters mill led to what historic event?

The California Gold rush of 1849.

What did sutter's mill do?

Sutters mill was a mill owned by some dude by the name of John W. Marshall. He discovered some gold in it prior to the Gold Rush. His secret somehow spread and that is how the Californian Gold Rush began. Remember, the gold rush is what caused thousands of people into the state, and eventually the gold rush led to California becoming a state.

In 1848 James marshall found gold at James sutters mill?

James Marshall found gold in the year of 1848.

Is there still gold at sutters mill?

Yes, there is still gold in CA. It is very expensive today to mine or pan for gold, but there are still people who do it.