When was Kentucky settled?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Native Americans settled Kentucky before recorded history. However, the British and French began exploring Kentucky, starting in the 18th century.

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Q: When was Kentucky settled?
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Who was the pioneer who explored and settled in Kentucky?

Daniel Boone explored and settled Kentucky.

Who settled in Kentucky?

Indians was the first people to discover Kentucky

Why does Kentucky own the Ohio river?

Maybe because kentucky was settled first.

What is the oldest city in Kentucky?

Harrodsburg Kentucky settled on 16 June 1774.Boonesborough Kentucky in 1775 andLouisville in 1778.

Pioneer who explored and settled Kentucky?

Daniel Broone

What is the name of a pioneer who explored and settled Kentucky?

Daniel Boone

Who lived in the Kentucky area before it was settled?

The Chickasaw Indians among others.

In history where did the surname Yancy come from?

a welsch family who settled in Virginia and Kentucky.

Where did Johnny Depp live at as a child?

he was born in Kentucky and his family moved a lot but finally settled in Florida

What did Daniel Boone invented?

Daniel Boone is best known for being the Frontiersman that settled in Kentucky.

Where did Daniel Boone live?

In North Carolina (He soon moved there as a child)

Where did President Lincoln live as a child?

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and then he and his family lived in Indiana. His family can be considered as middle class. The family settled in Illinois.