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The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary group in the United States from 1966 to 1982. While it started as a black nationalist group, the party moved away from this and toward social reform among all races.

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New Black Panther Party was created in 1989.

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Black Panther Party was created in 1966.

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Q: When was New Black Panther Party created?
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What is the new black panther party?

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) is an international organization that advocates Black Nationalism and Black Empowerment. The Original Black Panther Party has filed an injunction (2009) against the NBPP, so the NBPP is now calling itself The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

Was the black panther party considered a gang?

It's important for the word racism to be defined to assess the stance of the Black Panthers.1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race2 : racial prejudice or discriminationAccording to the ten point Panther Program they want:1. Peers/blacks to be control of any institution within their community.2.The government to provide full employment for black people.3. They want land/mules or money for every black person in America.4. Decent Housing is to be provided for blacks.5. Proper education and history of blacks in America.6. Free healthcare for blacks.7. Blacks should be able to arm themselves against the government/police.8. End all wars of aggression. (I personally think that's a great idea.)9. Retrying the cases for any black that is imprisoned, by a jury of peers10. Because of their history in the US, they have the right to to all of the things above.In conclusion of these 10 principles, I would easily say yes. Establishing equal rights between all races is very well overstepped with these ten points. Only promoting one's own race through prejudice and sole racial advancement is racism.Is the group a hate group? I would say no, the Black Panthers are not organized as a hate group though they are on a watch list, and the New Black Panthers are classified as black supremacists (which is quite racist).------------------------------No, The are not in any way shape or form racist . They believe in Black " Equality " and "unity" , not black power . The KKK is a hate group , that believes in "white power " and is in no comparison to the BPP [ black panther party] .Edit: What the hell does black equality mean? and unity? And how are they not in favor of black power if they are a part of that whole movement. Did they not host the black power conference on Malcolm X's birthday? Get your facts straight. Groups like the KKK call for white power and are called racist, but the black panthers can boast about black power and their case is dismissed. They are just as racist as the KKK and the Aryan Guard. The NAACP is racist too. Anyone who is out there based on their race is racist.Any group that promotes hate And violence based on someone's race is a hate group.

What formation did the destruction of the whig party lead to?

A new party, the Republicans.

What was the one thing that united all members of the new Whig party was opposition to?

The initial issue uniting members of the new Whig Party was the opposition to Jackson

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What are the members of the Black Panther Party?

there are 5 members in the new black panther party

What is the new black panther party?

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) is an international organization that advocates Black Nationalism and Black Empowerment. The Original Black Panther Party has filed an injunction (2009) against the NBPP, so the NBPP is now calling itself The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

What combined black nationalist ideology with Marxist-Leninist doctrines to express new black militancy during the 1960s?

The Black Panther Party.

What happen to the black panthers are they still around?

The black panthers still exist but aren't as active now that the civil rights movement of the past is over. There is a new black panther party that the original party does not condone and rejects. The new black panther party is a anti-Semitic and racist organization who hijacked the name and symbol of the original group.

Were there any Puerto Ricans in the Black Panther Party?

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded by two college students, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in October 1966 due to constant Police brutality on Black communities in West Oakland, CA. The Black Panther Party included African-American's, Asians and Latinos. The Black Panther Party did not include any Anglo-Saxon's in their ranks, instead, they asked that Whites organize their own groups and respond to the needs of their own communities. Coalitions were created with the Black Panther Party through groups like The White Panther Party, Rising Up Angry, Young Patriots, Students for a Democratic Society and The John Brown Revolutionary League. Victor Gomez, who was Latino, joined the Black Panther Party San Diego Chapter in 1968. Carlos Rodriguez was a first generation immigrant from Costa Rica who joined the Los Angeles Black Panther chapter in 1969. He is a retired Fire Chief today. Carlos Perez and John "Juan" Martinez were both early members of the NY Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Ricardo de Leon originally from Panama was also a NY Panther (1968-69). Miriam Hilliard was a Bay area Black Panther of Native American descent who joined the Party in its formative years until 1973-1974. Silvia Perez, a Mexican-American Black Panther Party member worked for the George Jackson Medical Clinic in the Bay area (circa 1971). Julio Lopez was a Puerto Rican Panther in the Oakland Chapter in the early 1970s. Jorge Aponte was a Puerto Rican Panther Captain in the New York Chapter early in the Party's history (1968). Richard Rodriguez, was Puerto Rican and a Southern California Black Panther member (1968-1972). Guy Kurose, Richard Aoki, Michael Tagawa and Lee Lew-Lee were four Asian Black Panthers in the Seattle, Oakland and New York chapters. Francisco Torres a Puerto Rican Black Panther Party member in New York was accused, tried and freed in the early 1970s was illegally accused again in January 2007 for the same supposed "crime" and was part of the Black Panther San Francisco 8. All charges against the 8 Panthers were eventually dismissed but at a hefty cost to their families, the community and taxpayers expense (2007-2011). The FBI's COINTELPRO program often accused and fabricated crimes against the Panthers and other radical community groups including White radicals like White Panther Chairman John Sinclare who spent years in prison for smoking a single marijuana joint. The word Latino is often used to describe an individual who speaks Castilian (Spanish language) and is from the Americas or the Caribbean but "Latino" is not a Race or ethnicity. The word Hispanic was adapted by the Nixon Administrations Census Bureau in the early 1970s to lump all Castilian or Spanish speaking groups as a single Race. This is problematic because it also negates certain Races from receiving equal representation. There are African, Andean and Asian's in Latin America whose contributions to the continent (North, Central and South) are unprecedented but often marginalized in Western history.

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