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jean Baptiste Bernard de la Harpe borned

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Q: When was jean baptiste bernard de la harpe born?
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What challenges did jean baptiste bernard de la harpe face?

Exploring along the Missippi river.

When was Jean Bernard Duseigneur born?

Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Duchesne was born in 1770.

When was Jean-François de La Harpe born?

Jean-François de La Harpe was born in 1739.

When was Jean-Baptiste Jean born?

Jean-Baptiste Jean was born in 1953.

When was Jean-Baptiste Brondel born?

Jean-Baptiste Debret was born in 1768.

What year was Jean Baptiste born?

Jean Baptiste Massillon was born on June 24, 1663.

What riverfront street names in Little Rock are named after French explorers?

The riverfront street names in Little Rock that are named after French explorers are La Harpe Boulevard, which is named after Jean-Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe, and Couer d'Alene Drive, named after René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, who explored the Mississippi River and surrounding areas.

When was Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière born?

Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière was born in 1778.

When was Jean-Baptiste Stuck born?

Jean-Baptiste Stuck was born in 1680.

When was Jean-Baptiste Perronneau born?

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau was born in 1715.

When was Jean-Baptiste Doumeng born?

Jean-Baptiste Doumeng was born in 1919.

When was Jean Baptiste Treilhard born?

Jean Baptiste Treilhard was born in 1742.