When was jewadism foundered?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a sausage a sausage a sausage a sausage a sausage a sausage a sausage a sausage

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Q: When was jewadism foundered?
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Sadly, the ship broke her back on the reef when she foundered in the storm. We would have missed a popular TV series if the SS Minnow had not fatefully foundered during a three hour tour. The committee's cause foundered when the president of the board spoke that one single word.

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of Founder

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Well if you mean judaism it is the Jewish religion. As long as you know what the Jewish religion is we're good. If you don't mean judaism well i guess you have the wrong answer!!!!it is a religion.

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William J. Bowerman and Philip H. Knight

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