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June 3,1770

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Q: When was mission San Carlos Borromeo De Carmelo found?
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What is mission San Carlos borromeo Del Rio Carmelo made out of?

Sandstone found in mountains and seashells used as plaster. :]

What kind of feather did Carlos hathcock use?

Carlos Hathcock used a white feather he found during a mission.

What were the names of the nine Missions that Junipero Serra founded?

The Missions and Dates Founded were: July 1, 1769- Mission San Diego de Alcala, June 30, 1770- Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, July 14, 1771- Mission San Antonio de Padua, September 8, 1771- Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, September 1, 1772- Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, June 29, 1776- Mission San Francisco de Asis, November 1, 1776 (the second founding)- Mission San Juan Capistrano, January 12, 1777- Mission Santa Clara de Asis, and March 31, 1782- Mission San Buenaventura.

Where the Indians at Mission San Carlos happy to be there?

Probably not. Mission Native Americans were treated poor and as slaves. Once they were at the missions they couldn’t leave. The soldiers stationed at the missions often raped the women and beat them. Mass graves have been found at mission grounds.

What tattoo is on Carmelo Anthony's chest?

No struggle No progress.. This tat can be found in his upper chest/collar bone.. You can also find his son's name on his chest-kiyan carmelo..

When was the san gabriel mission found?

september 8, 1771

When was the Santa Clara Mission founded?

The mission was found January 12, 1777 and found by Father Juniperro Serra.

Which scientist found out why things float?

Carlos Santos

Who found Indiana?

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What is blizzard mission statement?

Blizzards mission statement can be found at the link below.

When was it found san antonio mission found?

July 14,1771

When was mission carmel found?