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The Great Compromise was signed in 1787 after the propositions of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan

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1787 was when the arguments between the Virginia and New Jersey plans ceased and the Great Compromise document was published.

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where was the great compromise written?

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Q: When was the Great Compromise signed?
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Who introduce the Great Compromise signed?

The great compromise was signed July 16, 1787

What occurred first in history Missouri Compromise Bonus Bill Compromise of 1850 or the American system?

Missouri Compromise was signed in 1820s. The Compromise of 1850 was signed in the 1850s

What are the issues the delegates compromise in order to get the Constitution signed?

The 3/5ths compromise says that slaves would make 3/5th of one free person and the great compromise leading to the government we have today.

Which president signed the compromise of 1850?

Millard Fillmore supported this compromise and signed it into law. It did little to settle the slavery issues it was designed to settle.

What did the great compromise or Connecticut compromise decide?

The great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, set up Congress by havin a fight.

What did Roger Sherman do to the Great Compromise?

He proposed the Great Compromise.

What was the product of grand committees?

Great Compromise :}

What was the great compromise made from and what is it about?

The great compromise was made up of bicameral.

What resolved the disagreement among delegates?

The Great Compromise

What year did the great compromise get passed?

in the USA the Great Compromise occured in July 1787

What compromise created the two houses of congress?

It was called "The Great Compromise" and settled the composition of the new US Congress under the Constitution (1787).

What is a agreement at the constitution convention that established a bicameral legislature called?

The proposal to form a bicameral congress instead of a unicameral one was proposed in the Virginia Plan. It was drafted by James Madison in 1787.