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On Jeopardy the 16th of October 2008 the category for the final question was Presidential Election History. The answer was DUE TO THE LARGE NUMBERS OF MEN AWAY FROM HOME, IT WAS THE FIRST YEAR A MAJORITY OF STATES COUNTED ABSENTEE VOTES. The question What is 1864? For your information all contestants were wrong.

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Q: When were absentee ballots created?
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Are absentee ballots secret ballots?

No they are not.

When does California mail out absentee ballots?

this question has no answer

California absentee ballots are not counted true or false?


Are there absentee ballot voting in caucuses?

Yes, there are. Some examples are Maine and Iowa, they both allow for absentee ballots.

What state allows absentee ballots from individuals in Outer space?


When are absentee ballots officially counted?

It depends on the state.

What allows a person to vote without going to a precinct to vote?

Absentee ballots allow someone to vote who is unable to physically go to the precinct in which they are registered. Elderly people and college students often use absentee ballots.

What year were absentee ballots first used?

The use of absentee ballots dates back to the 19th century, during the American Civil War in the 1860s. They were originally intended to allow soldiers to vote while away from their home states.

When was The Absentee created?

The Absentee was created in 1812.

How do soldiers typically vote?

Individuals serving in the armed forces typically vote by absentee ballots

What is the only US state to allow its residents to cast absentee ballots from outer space?


Can absentee ballots be counted towards a quorum?

Absentee ballots are typically counted towards a quorum if they are valid votes that meet the requirements set forth in the voting procedures. However, this may vary depending on the specific rules and regulations of the organization or jurisdiction in question.