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Piedmont is a plateau region located in the eastern United States between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the main Appalachian Mountains, stretching from New Jersey in the north to central Alabama in the south. The Piedmont province is a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian division.

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Q: Where and what is the Piedmont plateau?
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Show the meaning of the words Piedmont and plateau by using each word in a sentence nce?

Piedmont would not be a plateau.

What is the largest region in Virginia?

The Piedmont Plateau is the largest region in Virginia. The Piedmont Plateau has an elevation of about 850 feet.

What are some Traditions in the Piedmont plateau?

Piedmont blues is a music genre that derived its name from the Piedmont plateau. Most of the piedmont blues musicians used instruments such as guitar, drum, vocals and bass.

What rivers run through the Piedmont plateau?

TheChattahoochee Oculgee, Oconee, and Savannah rivers run through Piedmont Plateau.

What does the Piedmont mean?

The Piedmont Plateau is at the foot of the mountains. GO PLATEAUS!

Where can the Piedmont plateau can be found?

I think its in the South...

What is the nickname for Piedmont plateau?

The foot of the mountain

What plants live in the Piedmont plateau?

The Piedmont Plateau is an area of rolling hills located in the state of Georgia, USA. The plants that live on the plateau are pine trees, oak trees and hickory trees.

What is a large high area that is generally flat precipice plateau or Piedmont?

A large high area that is generally flat is known as a plateau. A plateau can have a precipice or steep cliffs surrounding it, and if it is located at the base of a mountain range, it may be referred to as a piedmont plateau.

Does The Piedmont Plateau have soft sandy soil?

The Piedmont Plateau generally has a mix of soil types, including clay, sandy loam, and some sandy soils. While some areas may have sandy soil, it is not a predominant characteristic of the Piedmont Plateau region.

The region where Piedmont Plateau can be found?

I think its in the South...

What kind of trees are most commonly found in the piedmont plateau?

Because of the sandy soil in the Piedmont Plateau, Pine trees and brush are the most commonly found trees there.