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Clovis artifacts are found from Chesapeak Bay to New Mexico. Folsom artifacts are found from Texas to California.

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Q: Where and when did clovis people and folsom people live?
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What was true of the early Clovis and Folsom people in New Mexico?

they liked to have sex

How many people live in Clovis?

Clovis has a 2010 population of 37,775 residents.

How many people live in Clovis NM?

Clovis has a 2010 population of 37,775 residents.

What does Folsom refer to?

Folsom is an archaeological dig site in New Mexico where the first Folsom point, a spear point, was found in 1927. Folsom points are a definite change from the older Clovis points and have been dated to about 9500 years ago.

Where did the desert archaic people come from?

They developed slowly out of the Paleoindian traditions as a local adaptation to expansive dry environments. They are probably descended from the Folsom culture, which comes from the Clovis culture.

How many people were hanged at Folsom?

A total of 93 people were hanged at Folsom Prison.

Where did clovis live?

he lived in France

What do clovis points reveal about the clovis people?

they hunted big game

What kind of point for their tools did the Clovis people use?

The clovis people used various sharpened rocks as points for their tools. These became known as clovis points and generally consisted of stones or bones.

Who is the first person to live in New Mexico?

The Clovis culture.

How can you use huntergather and artifact in a sentence about the clovis peopleof north America?

Example sentences:Artifacys of the Clovis people of North America show they were hunter-gatherers.Hunter-gatherer societies, the Clovis people of North America, often left evidence in artifacts.Researchers found artifacts of the hunter-gather Clovis people of North America.

Who converted clovis to islam?

King Clovis did not convert to Islam. Instead, he converted to Christianity, which was the religion of the people of Gaul.