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Bradford, pa. got its name from David Bradford

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Q: Where did Bradford PA get its name?
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hollenbeck funeral home bradford, pa

Where is the zippo factory?

Bradford, PA.

Was there ever volcanoes in Bradford PA?

There are no known active volcanoes in Bradford, PA. The region does not have a history of volcanic activity.

Who owned the Bradford house in Washington county pa?

The Bradford House on South Main Street, Washington in Washington County PA was owned by David Bradford, a military man. He was instrumental in The Whiskey Rebellion.

How far is it from Bradford PA to Lansdale PA?

It is 308.30 miles according to MapQuest.

Where is the Bradford Landmark Society in Bradford Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Bradford Landmark Society is: 45 E Corydon St, Bradford, PA 16701-2049

What is the driving distance from Bradford PA to York PA?

It is 235 miles according to Google Maps.

Why is Bradford PA referred to as little Chicago?

Perhaps because the 2008 Moveie "Little Chicago" was filmed in Bradford.

What is the average yearly snowfall in Bradford Pa?

About 80 inches.

Where did Al Capone stay in Bradford PA?

River street

How long does it take to get from Bradford PA to Pittsburgh by rowboat down the Allegheny river?

It takes less than 1 hour to get from Bradford PA to Pittsburgh by rowboat down the Allegheny river.

What is the birth name of Bradford How?

Bradford How's birth name is Bradford Michael Lorne How.