Where did Gabrielino Indians live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they live in north of chumash near the beach

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Q: Where did Gabrielino Indians live?
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What kind of house do the gabrielino Indians live in?


What was the climate like where the gabrielino Indians live?

thats funny they were located in the desert.......

What Indian tribe live in San Gabriel?

The Gabrielino Indians lived in San Gabriel.

Where do Gabrielino Indians live?

The Gabrielinos are a Southern California Tribe, located on the West Coast around what is now Los Angeles. Most Gabrielino people still live in this area today.

Who did the Cahuilla Indians traded with?

The gabrielino

How did the Gabrielino Indians get from place to place?


What did the Gabrielino Indians use for weapons?


What did the gabrielino live in?

According to Historians, the Gabrielino Indians lived in homes carved from underneath the ground and covered with wood frame. The frame was also cushioned with clay and brush. These homes were called earth houses.

What has the author Bruce W Miller written?

Bruce W. Miller has written: 'The Gabrielino' -- subject(s): Gabrielino Indians

What Type of transportation did gabrielino Indians use?

plank canoes:)

What did the Gabrielino Indians trade for?

Shells,berries,bones,and fish

The games that the gabrielino Indians played are called...?

what are the Indian game called