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He lives in the bottom of NY

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New York

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Q: Where did James Lincoln Collier live?
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When did James Lincoln collier and his brother christopher collier die?

James Lincoln Collier hasn't died yet. He lives in New York City.

Does James Lincoln Collier have a family?

yes he had three children and a wife

Who would recommend the book My Brother Sam is Dead?

"My Brother Sam is Dead" by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier is often recommended for middle school students studying American history, particularly the Revolutionary War period. Teachers, librarians, and parents looking to engage young readers with historical fiction may recommend this book.

What were the names of James Lincoln Collier's children?

I don't think anybody knows. Sorry.

Who published the automobile by James Lincoln collier?

Benchmark Books (NY) October 2005

What are some awards for James Lincoln collier?

newbury honor medal and a lot of s*it

Is James Lincoln Collier Dead?

As of my last update, there is no public information indicating that James Lincoln Collier has passed away. However, I recommend checking reliable sources or news outlets for the most current information on his status.

Who is the protagonist in My Brother Sam Is Dead by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier?

Tim Meeker- the brother of the Sam mentioned in the title, and the narrator of the story.

What book did James Lincoln Collier write?

My Brother sam is Dead My Brother sam is Dead

Who does voice for water aid advert?

James collier Rob James-Collier

Is James collier a gay?

Which James Collier. The author I don't believe is gay.

What is Rob James-Collier's birthday?

Rob James-Collier was born on September 23, 1976.