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Robert F. Flemming, Jr. is known as the inventor of the guitar. He was an African-American inventor, although he spent some of his life living in Canada.

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Q: Where did Robert f. Fleming Jr. live?
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You will have to go to a library to check out a book about him because there's nothing in the Internet about Robert f Fleming Jr

Information on Robert F Fleming Jr? YOU'RE WELCOME!!! :)

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You can get research for Robert F. Fleming Jr. at your local library. Each library offers a section of books that include biographies and autobiographies along with historical documents and non-fiction books.

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Robert F. Flemming Jr.'s parents were Robert F. Flemming Sr. and Evelyn Flemming.

What was Robert flemming jr education?

He was born an african american. he invented the gutair. born in 1857. died in 1892.

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Robert F. Curl Jr. won The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.

Robert F Fleming Jr?

He was born on 1857 and died on 1892. He invented the guitar on March 3rd, 1886. Yes. A black person DID invent a guitar. I celebrate him mostly on black history month because I love guitar.

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