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Technically he did not "discover" the style ofr teaching students with sign, it was a full blown language by the time it came into the USA. It was Laurent Clerc whom was brought over to teach a few students who were deaf by a wealthy businessman. ASL the sign language used in the USA Canda and some of Mexico, Puertio RIco for obvious reasons. Was based on the French style of sign, and has since evolved into the useful language today.

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Q: Where did Thomas Gallaudet discover people teaching deaf students with signs?
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What are Thomas Gallaudet's parents names?

His father's name was Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. His mother was Sophia Fowlet Gallaudet.

What was Thomas Gallaudet fighting for?

Reverend Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, LL.D., (December 10, 1787

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet when did he die?

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet died September 10, 1851

Who is Sophia Gallaudet?

Sophia Gallaudet was the widow of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, and mother of Edward Miner Gallaudet, who started Gallaudet University for the deaf. Sophia Gallaudet became the University's first school matron. Source: Gallaudet University website

Where did Thomas Gallaudet discover teaching sign language to the deaf?

Thomas Gallaudet traveled to Europe in search of a way to teach the deaf and mute. He was specifically attempting to learn the ways of the Braidwoods, who had been teaching the deaf in England through the use of aural-oral methods. However, the Braidwoods refused to divulge their secrets, so he went to France and there was introduced to a French monk, who had been learning a manual language from poor deaf children, and then adapting and expanding it into a viable translation of the spoken French. Gallaudet brought this idea back to the US and implemented it (along with Laurent Clerc, a deaf French man) in the American School for the Deaf.

Who were the representatives for the US at the Milan conference 1880?

Edward Miner Gallaudet, James Denison, Thomas Gallaudet, Isaac Lewis Peet, and Charles A. Stoddard Edward Miner Gallaudet, James Denison, Thomas Gallaudet, Isaac Lewis Peet, and Charles A. Stoddard

Who was Thomas gallaudet?

opened a school for the deaf

What was thomas gallaudet's area of interest?

Thomas Gallaudet's, who developed a method to educate people who were hearing impaired, opened the Hartford School for the Deaf in Connecticut in 1817.

Who came to America with Laurent Clerc?

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

What is Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet's birthday? says that he developed a lung-related illness after he graduated and died from comlications of the disease on September 10, 1851. But says he and his wife contracted dysentery in 1851 and he never recovered.

Who was the first institution for deaf-mutes was established in 1817 by?

Thomas Gallaudet

Who started the deaf school with laurent clerc?

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet