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They came from Russia. They walked across to Alaska and then migrated south towards warmer weather. Therefore, they ended up in America.

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Q: Where did the American Indians come from?
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Did the American indians come from Romania?

It is only a phantasy.

Who did Lief Ericson come in contact with?

American Indians (First Nations).

Where does the word redskins come from?

It refers to the color of the native American Indians skin.

Who are the Paiute Indians and what continent do they come from?

The Paiute Indians are Native American Indians. Paiute refers to two groups of Indians; the Northern Paiute from California, Nevada and Oregon, and the Southern Paiute of Arizona, southeastern California and Nevada, and Utah.

What did the American Indians call whiskey?

The term that has come from the American West (accurate or not) is "firewater."

Did American Indians make beer?

Beer was made by American Indians

The U.S Bureau of Indians Affairs was formed to?

absorb American Indians into the mainstream American culture.

Where did the main inspiration for Native American stories come from?

it comes from the elderly Indians who told the stories, when they heard it from their ancestors.

Who attempted to exterminate the American Indians?

While there were many groups of the time who were unfriendly to American Indians, Caucasians were attempting to exterminate American Indians. Many brutal acts were preformed on the Indians.

When did the Indians come to America?

Experts speculate 30,000-15,000 years ago. Many Native American tribes believe they were created on the North American Continent.

When was Society of American Indians created?

Society of American Indians was created in 1911.

How did corn come to the US?

Corn is a native North American plant. The American Indians introduced the cultivation of corn to English Pilgrims and it was served during the first Thanksgiving.