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The 1849 California gold rush attracted Americans from all walks of life. Of course the first Americans involved were miners. As news of the gold discovery spread, people from US cities, and farmlands became gold miners. Thus California's population instantly grew in size and a good number of the new miners became rich, not all however.

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the 13 colonies

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Q: Where did the California gold miners come from?
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Where did California gold miners find gold?

In California.

Where did miners find gold?

they found gold in California 1849

How did miners search for gold in the California gold rush?


Where is the Underground Gold Miners Of California Museum in Alleghany California located?

The address of the Underground Gold Miners Of California Museum is: Po Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910-0907

What did gold miners eat in California?

Bacon and grits.

Why does California gold rush have gold?

it started out with gold until the miners took all of it.

Who came to California for gold?

Miners. They came for what is known as the Gold Rush. California is where it all look place.

When did gold miners use the shaft and windlass?

1849- California Gold Rush!

What job did the miners in the gold rush do?

They were mostly just plain old miners, but if they weren't lucky, they would get rich by selling supplies.

The people who rushed to California to seacrch for gold were called?

The miners went to California in the gold rush were called 49ers.

Who were the 49ers of the manifest destiny?

the miners looking for gold in California

What is the web address of the Underground Gold Miners Museum in Alleghany California?

The web address of the Underground Gold Miners Museum is: