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they were pretty much a cult who lived with Charles Manson, who was a serial killer and pretty much insane.

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Q: Where did the Manson family come from?
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What is the name of the cult that Charles Manson led?

Charles Manson led "the Manson Family"

Was Charles Manson in a cult?

Charles Manson was a leader of a cult known as the Manson Family in 1969.

Does Marilyn Manson have any family?


What country did The Family live in?

If "The Family" being referred to is the Manson Family, then the answer would be the U.S.

Does Shirley Manson's family have its own Tartan?

The Manson Clan do not have their own tartan but are entitled to wear the Gunn tartan.

What are the release dates for What Happened After--- - 2001 The Manson Family 1-3?

What Happened After--- - 2001 The Manson Family 1-3 was released on: USA: 1 August 2001

What actress did Charles Manson kill in 1969?

Sharon Tate was the actress that was the Manson Family's victim. Charles Manson did not actually kill her or anyone else, but was convicted of conspiracy in the crimes.

How many died from the Manson family?

Out of that family only Susan Atkins has died, from Cancer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Manson Family Cult - 2012?

The cast of Manson Family Cult - 2012 includes: Michelle Bonfils as Darling Dead Ulli Lommel as Teacher Peter Sean

What are the other names of the people in Charles Manson's family?

Below is a link to a list of Manson's family members. It should be noted however that many of the young people that may have had contact with Manson and his regular group would just drift in and out due to the transient ways of the people of that era.

Where was the Manson family cult located?

They lived on Spahn Ranch in California.

How many Manson family members were convicted of murder?

There were around 30 young children that lived within the 'family'. Not all of them were born into the 'family'. Some came with their mothers, Manson's followers, and some were born into the family, though I doubt that the mothers ever knew who the fathers were. It was Manson Family policy that everyone had sex with everyone else, and frequently, so I doubt they were much concerned with paternity. As to how many were actually Charles Manson's may never be known. Those children are now middle-aged, some may not even know of their strange time in the family. It may be a good thing if they don't remember.