Where did the naskapi people live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Naskapi people of Canada, lived in the subarctic culture region. Somewhere near Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Q: Where did the naskapi people live?
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How does the naskapi government work?

The Naskapi Government is run by an elected band office.

What did the naskapi tribe eat?

The Naskapi tribe ate Deer, turkey, moose, pumpkin, corn and caribou.

What languages are spoken by Innu people?

The Innu speak:EnglishFrenchInnu-aimun (an algonquian language spoken by about 10,000 people)Naskapi (an algonquian language spoken by about 1200 people)

What was the Naskapi Indian tribe religion?


What did the subarctic peeoples wear?

Naskapi Coats

What problems does naskapi have?

not enough jobs. most are seasonal.

Does naskapi Qc have lots of tourism?

It does, usually for hunting.

What native groups are there in Newfoundland?

The Innu and Naskapi Native American Indians.

What were two countries involved in fur trade?

The English and the French, who traded with Natives (Naskapi)

What did the Naskapis use for transportation?

The Naskapi people used their feet as a way of transportation during the winter. During the summer months they used birch bark canoes to travel along the lakes and rivers network.

What has the author Marguerite Ellen MacKenzie written?

Marguerite Ellen MacKenzie has written: 'Towards a dialectology of Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi'

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