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what is a separate legal entity for a corporation?

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Q: Where does a corporation gain separate legal entity in the History of American law?
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What entity is the foundation of society?

A family.

Is Texas a sovereign state?

Texas could be defined as a nation, as it is a large group of people that share a common culture, language and possible history. However, Texas is not a state, defined as a sovereign entity, so it is not a nation-state as the term is typically defined. If you defined state instead as a sub-unit of the U.S. then perhaps you could define Texas as a nation-state.

How does territory become an American state?

Various routes have been taken in the long history of the United States for colonies and territories to become a state. =Step 1:Normally, the area must muster local political support and petition the U.S. Congress for admittance to the Union. ==Step 2: The approval process is relatively straightforward. A bill, called an "enabling act," must gain a majority vote in both houses of the U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. ==Step 3:When approved, it is signed by the President. Normally there will be provisions in the bill spelling out any transitional measures that must be taken to become a state by either the petitioning entity or the U.S. government. =

What is the significance of salutary neglect?

The colonies becamecompletely autonomous from Great Britain and considered themselves their own entity with their own established government body. However, this autonomous attitude of the colonies also lead to the American Revolution because after the 7 years war (French & Indian war) the colonists had a bad taste in their mouths from Britain's forceful attempt to make the colonists side with them against France. After the war, the GB began to renege on the policy of salutary neglect and thus the many "tax" acts were set in place. At this point the colonists began to revolt against GB's sudden hands on approach and the Revolutionary war began.

What do all constitutional governments have?

All Constitutional governments have Legal limits on political powerthey either have a bill of rights or legal limits on political power

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Is a corporation a separate legal entity?

A corporation is an institution recognised a separate legal entity distinct from its members.

Is sole proprietorship a legal entity?

Yes, but it is not a separate legal entity, it is not separate from the owner, like a corporation is.

What is a regular corporation?

a Corporation is an entity that legally functions separate and apart from its owners.

A corporation is a legal entity separate from its owners?


For accounting purposes the business entity should be considered separate from its owners if the entity is a?

a corporation, proprietorship or a partnership.

Can you get a limited liability company to be a separate entity like a c corporation in Michigan so i get taxed as a separate entity?

No public liability company its ok

What is the major difference a corporation and other kinds of businesses?

A corporation has a separate legal entity apart from that of the owners and workers.

When did Melville Corporation end?

The Melville Corporation was sold to CVS Corporation in 1996, effectively ending its existence as a separate entity.

What is the major difference between a corporation and other kinds of businesses?

A corporation has a separate legal entity apart from that of the owners and workers.

What is a conventional corporation?

a state chartered legal entity with authority to act and have liability separate from its owners

If you file bankruptcy for your business will they take your personal tax refund?

If your business is a separate corporation or entity, no.

What is entity known as?

An entity is an individual, organization, or object that is considered to be separate and distinct. In business or legal contexts, an entity can refer to a company, corporation, or institution that has its own legal existence.