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In the Boston Harbor.

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Q: Where is the USS Constitution docked?
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Where is the USS Constitution docked city and state?

The USS Constitution is docked in Boston, Massachusetts

Where is the famous USS Alabama docked for prement display?

Mobile, Alabama

Where is Alabama's battle ship located?

The USS Alabama is docked in Mobile Bay.

Where is the USS Lexington docked?

The first USS Lexington aircraft carrier was sunk in the Coral Sea. The second USS Lexington aircraft carrier survived it's predecessor and was decommissioned in 1991.

How many battles did the uss constitution lose?

USS Constitution was never defeated in battle.

Where was the USS Constitution's anchor forged?

The anchors for the USS Constitution were forged in the town of Hanover, Massachusetts.

What is the name of the Coral Sea warship docked in the Charlestown MA Navy Yard?

its the uss cassin young

How man frigates were used in the war of 1812 by the US navy?

there were 8 frigates on the American sife- the USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

What is the web address of the USS Constitution Museum in Boston Massachusetts?

The web address of the Uss Constitution Museum is:

Where was the U.S. Constitution moved after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

The USS Constitution has always been an East Coast Ship; see website: USS Constitution.

What is the uss constitution made of?


When did USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere happen?

USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere happened on 1812-08-19.