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The Midwest

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One of the locations claimed to be the Geographic Center of the Contiguous (or Conterminous) United States is pinpointed by a historical marker that is located within a small park near the town of Lebanon, Kansas. It is located at the intersection of AA Road and K-191, accessible by a turn-off from U.S. Route 281 approximately a mile north of the town. In actuality, the measured center is about 1/2 to 3/4 mile away on a private farm, but the owner did not want tourists trudging through his field, so the marker was placed as close as possible. There is generally an American flag flying on the pole placed on top of the monument. Just to the south of the monument, yards away, exists a covered picnic area and small four-pew chapel where a couple can take wedding vows if they wish. The reality of the monument is probably a little more fiction than fact. In 1918, the Coast and Geodetic Survey found this "center" by balancing on a point a cardboard cutout shaped like the U.S. Thus, measured in this manner, the actual "center" of the U.S. could be located twenty or more miles from this point, but still might not pinpoint the true "center" at all as an official measurement would have to be defined by an agreed upon standard which does not exist.

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Q: Where is the exact middle of the US?
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