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it can obtain mostly in brute punk,,Protection potion you can get in brawler

Bail powder can obtain in ethereal fist..

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Q: Where to get fine burr in ran online?
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Where to find burr in ran online?

You can get burr from several methods: 1. Drops from mobs, especially if your in a party and the party is on the right spot to level (example if your level 115, spot is cp1), theres a high chance of burr or fine burr drop 2. Doing Quests, There are several quest, especially when your are 100+ above, that rewards Burr along with protection potion. 3. Buy at the Marketplace. dont know the exact price but burr and other upgrade items are in-demand in the market so they are highly-priced and easily bought by other players this methods are also applicable to other upgrade items, such as fine burr, sodium, protection potion, luxury protection potion, fine sodium etc.

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