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Benidict Arnold

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Q: Which American officer became a British spy?
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Who was The American officer who became a British spy?

it was Benedict Arnold

Why did the british decide to hang Nathan hale?

because he was American spy ! >_< !!

Who was an American Revolutionary spy?

Armistead Nathan Hale was hung as a spy by the British.

What role did James Armistead play in the American Revolution?

He was basically a spy for the colonists. He pretended that he sided with the British and that he didn't understand their plans, but really he reported everything to the Marquis de Lafayette, an American officer.

Who did the British fight for North America?

the british wanted to takeover Washington D.C. and they did in agust 24,1790 general Washington needed a spy for the british plans, a American named Nathan hale became the british spy, the british found out nathans true id on September 22 they executed Nathan hale by hanging him on a tree his ast words where ''I only regret that i have one life to lose for my country.'' His last letters where destroyed by a british officer who said,'' the rebels should never know they had a man who can die with so much firmness.''

How did Nathan hale become an American ledgend?

Hale was from Connectict and the son of a minister. He graduated from Yale and volunteered for the Continential army . He became part of a plan to spy on the British, but was caught by them and hung as a spy.

Who was the infamous British spy in the American Revolution?

Benedict Arnold.

British spy during the American revolution?

Benedict Arnold

American spy who was hanged by the british?

Nathan Hale See the link below

Who was the most famous spy in the American revolution?

The most famous spy was Nathan Hale. He was a spy for Long Island. Unfortanatly he was caught by the British and got hung.

Why did Benedict Arnold become a spy for the British?

By 1779, Arnold had been making deals with the British. He did this because he was angry at the American Government for court-marshalling him because they found him guilty of using the army for his own personal reasons. He also went to the British because he wanted more money and he was in debt. The British gave Benedict Arnold a lot of money to become a British spy. They also promised to make him a British officer but they never fully trusted him.

Was Miss Jenny spying for the Americans or British?

Miss Jenny was a spy for the British. She was spying on the American's and the French during the Revolutionary War.