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Q: Which Indian has the most numbers of roads named after him?
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What all the the helicopters named after Indians?

The US Army named most of it's helicopters after Indian tribes.

Name the roads in delhi named after famous personalities?

The most famous road in Delhi that is named for a person is Lajpat Nagar, a market and housing district named for Lala Lajpat Rai.

Who were the single most important white and Indian leaders in the Northwest Territories?

William Henry Harrison and an Indian scout named Tecumseh were the most important leaders in the Northwest Territory.

How ICs are named?

The names of most ICs are just arbitrarily assigned numbers.

What is the capital of New Zealand and after who was it named?

The Capital Of New Zealand is Wellington. It was named after the second most important chamber of the Dutch-east-Indian Company.

What are the named of four leading West Indian writers and what are the titles of their most famous work?

boom bim an bam

Does Puerto Rico have roads?

most parts of the land does have roads.

What country has the most miles of unpaved roads?

India has the most roads, even though US has the most cars.

Are there any famous actors with the last name Boose?

There is a famous Indian television actress named Pooja Boose, but there is also an Indian actor with a very similar last name, named Rahul Bose. Both these actors are most known in their own countries.

What us state has the most paved roads?

Texas has the most paved roads of any US state.

What US state has the most miles of paved roads?

Texas has the most miles of paved roads, i believe it's somewhere around 250,000 miles of paved roads

Where were the main Inca roads?

Most lead to cuzco all roads go in and out of there.